Do you have an amazing idea that each time you think about it, it gets you incredibly fired up?

Remember everything starts as a seed, a thought; which then becomes active and real once it is put in motion. Share your ideas and wisdom with others and really IMAGINE it happening; out of nothing, you can create something.

What impact would your idea have on the world if you dared to make it happen?



June 4th 2013 at The London College of Fashion 7pm-9.30pm- I'm compering a theatrical fun eventful evening for BEAT charity with 8 superb women speakers, comedienne, poet, authors, psychologist, psychotherapist, artist, all on the subject of body image, style, fashion and self esteem. Tickets are SOLD OUT, see berealtalks.com Cant wait to see you there on the night as Maddie Sparkles
ww.maddiesparkles.com See this article published in the Guardian this month:

A Brand New Year!2013!!! 

This year is a big year!  Isn't it always great to start a brand new year,  this special quiet time when the mind sparkles because there is so much hope, producing the feeling of new beginnings. So, what will YOU do in 2013? What will YOUR life look like by this time next year? Where do you need take action and what do you want to put into practice in order to make things really happen for you.

Aside from my coaching, I have been working for the last year on sharing and performing my poetry and towards the end of 2012 I started writing and publicly reciting poetry for friends and family at their weddings/ big birthdays and little gifts for friends. Of course I had a few thoughts that were trying to protect me from making a fool of myself, 'wait, are you sure you want to actually do this, it's a big responsibility to run someone's wedding, what if they don't like it, there are lots of people that can do this, why would someone hire you to do this? Yes, I can have these thoughts too..

I decided it was time, after a whole year of writing and sending happy new month poems which I was safely sending by text or posting on Facebook, to create a poetry blog and put myself out there. I wanted something quirky and light hearted and so I created my stage name Maddie Sparkles. I now have business cards and flyers and will participate in my first fair in the Hilton Hotel in Watford on January 20th 2013. I call myself Maddie Sparkles, The Alternative Toastmaster, since the speeches I create and write are all in rhyme. I have a template:
write, print, design, frame and wrap  present it for the subject to unwrap; read aloud to the person of the moment  in front of all their friends, family, colleagues etc. Usually everyone comes together in a huddle to hear, the chatter quietens and then there is laughter and some happy cheering by the end. It's very personal, touching and brings everyone closer. The subject usually feels very special since they have just been celebrated in front of their loved ones.

Since I have decided to kick start my own dreams and businesses, the perfect people have appeared in order to guide me and mentor me. Isn't it amazing that when you decide that you really want to make changes, the ideal person or group of people show up to take you along that path. It's the famous saying 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears'

Have a look at my poetry site at maddiesparkles.com and feel free to order a unique and special bespoke poem for a loved one. 

Whatever you have dreamed about from your heart until now, make it happen! This is YOUR year and you only live once! Talk about it more and more and watch how the relevant people show up to guide you. If you ever think why me? someone else could do it better! just gently remind yourself  that there is only ONE of 'you 'in this universe with your own unique exact way of doing things AND there is plenty of room in the world for everyone to fully express their gifts. Besides there can never be enough joyful contribution for others to receive and benefit from. How great it is that you are the one contributing

A Brilliant Week Hello! (19 November 2012)

I hope you are having a brilliant week so far! If things are proving a bit challenging, ask yourself..'What outcome do I want?' and start really visualising and feeling what that would look like. For one thing it will take your attention away from what is going wrong and it will switch your vibration to that of a higher level and you can then start magnetically attracting the joy and fulfillment into your life, then you won't have time to dwell on or notice the things that are irking you. It's all about frame of mind and what you choose to focus on. Just give it a try and see what happens. One more thing, it is impossible to feel negative or think of any negative thoughts if you have a massive smile on your face - again try it out (maybe in the privacy of your own home) and see!

I have had a very busy 2 weeks; we had our Staffie friend James come to stay for 10 days which was a joy and great fun. I never could understand what the big deal was with dogs, but after getting to know James, I completely understand! He has such a personality, extremely stubborn and very intelligent. Highly affectionate and also he has loads of energy and for 14 years old, that's inspiring!! (14x7=98 years old, it is 7 years for every human year in dogs isn't it?!)

I also stumbled across a medi spa right on my street and it is the start of a nutritional eyeopener for me. I now have things in my kitchen like red lentils and tofu instead of pasta and pizza; raisins pumpkin and sunflower seeds for snacks, instead of chocolate and crisps; I'm making organic vegetable soup instead of baked potatoes and cheese; no more dairy but instead coconut or almond milk. Yes I am talking major changes. So far so good but I'm not sure how long I can continue with no salt and no sugar. It's amazing the effect it has had on my body though. By cutting out salt and sugar for 2 weeks my Eczema style rash on my hands and feet has completely disappeared.

Finally this week, I've been experimenting with social media which once upon a time really terrified me! I decided I would start filming little clips of interesting things I spot around Brighton and Hove and it's been great fun.
What will you try out that has once upon a time frightened you or made you feel like you are out of your depth?

Two quotes for you:

'Action conquers fear'
'Feel the fear and do it anyway'
That's all for now folks,
Have an amazing week full of unpredictable and harmonious surprises!
Glitter & Sparkles

Happy November! (01 November 2012)

I am sitting here at my oak table, listening to wonderful music (Emile Sande); a candle lit and drinking thyme tea.

It really feels awesome to be good to yourself. Book a massage or if you want to save the pennies ask a friend, colleague, flat mate, lover, mother, sister who has great hands to give you a neck and shoulder rub. Five minutes makes a massive difference on stress levels.

What music do you love listening to? If you play something fabulously uplifting in the morning to get dressed to or eat breakfast to, or even better to wake up to,  this will massively impact your morning; your personal welcoming in of a brand new day! It will set you up for a day full of high vibration attracting positive energy and happy people.

I sat on the beach in the late October sunshine yesterday and as I watched the rhythm of the waves I felt compelled to record a meditation; mainly for myself, to help me fall asleep and to encourage a fully relaxed and calm rest. Although I had no plans to share it (for fear of it sounding rather silly) I decided to play it for my partner and within minutes he was fast asleep. If you are interested in trying it out please do let me know.

I woke up this morning and my mind felt clear, I was noticing that inspired thoughts were flying into my head and as I walked to the train station I had so many ideas I wanted to write down. In a moment, a bus flew past me and I caught a glimpse of the words 'Fabulous Frequencies'. Synchronicity working its magic.

Like attracts like. Positive thoughts attract like thoughts.
It was an outstanding day; small things that would have bothered me in the past, bypassed me all day long.
This stuff works!

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