Co-Active life Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to connect even more with their Innate Creativity, Inner Confidence and Soul Pilot
To use the metaphor of exploding fireworks in the sky. I can tell you how colourful they are, describe their appearance, try to explain the patterns and logistics, demonstrate their big bangs and squeals; but until you have witnessed it and experienced it for yourself, you will never truly feel the impact it has on your mind, body and soul. This is why you are invited to sample a session with your Confidence and Empowerment Coach first;  then you can make the conscious choice whether to continue or not, with a clearer idea of what you can expect.

Empowerment coaching can be equally as effective whether it is done face to face or on the telephone. Skype is also another option if you prefer. Quite often there are tasks given depending on the outcome of the session, however we would design together what you would like to gain from the sessions.
It really depends on the individual and what best motivates them. As far as what you can expect to achieve after having a course of Empowerment Coaching sessions, it can vary between clarity, more direction, more motivation, an upbeat positive feeling about your life, less overwhelm, looking at any/all aspects of your life from different perspectives or simply taking your life to the next level from already successful to an even higher level of fulfilment.
For the trial session just come prepared with a topic you'd like to discuss.  Topics may include: : HEALTH, MONEY, PERSONAL GROWTH, YOUR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, CAREER, FAMILY AND FRIENDS, SIGNIFICANT OTHER OR EVEN FUN AND RECREATION. If there are any voids in any of these areas in your life or even any parts of these topics that are going very well but you want to take them to the next level, then that's a great place to start.

At the beginning of any coaching session you can choose what you would like to talk about and have coaching on, quite often the conversation can end up being about something totally different from where we started, it is all based on what you come up with in response to the powerful questions asked. It can be fun, highly creative, sometimes emotional and also challenging.
How often does a person dare to really 'see'you. Sometimes you may be offered insights or intuitions based on what you are saying back to your coach. Ideas may be offered, the outcome of which the Coach remains detached. If they resonate with you great! If not we move on or often you will come up with something else and the conversation will proceed in possibly a different direction. It's like a dance. It's all about you and what works best.
The Coach holds up the mirror to your wisdom and magnificence and you will have all the answers. Sometimes this may involve movement or simply sitting or standing still. Sometimes its about being vocal and expressing your voice differently.

It's about connecting to the core of who you are and what you truly want and this is not always easy. Co active coaching is not about having a nice friendly chat; it's about pushing the boundaries and stepping into your power. It may feel out of your comfort zone at times and you can always say stop. Ultimately, it's about the bigger picture and what you truly want for yourself, and your Empowerment Coach is always 100% committed to getting you there.

Co-active coaching is like a partnership. We work together to get you the best results. It's all about your needs and what you truly want and you can expect to feel 100% support and encouragement. Everything discussed is 100% confidential. Ultimately it's about both coach and client being honest and transparent and each bringing 100/100 to the sessions.

Empowerment coaching can be highly creative and really good fun. Clients that benefit greatly are Entrepreneurs who are starting out or already in action and believe in implementing positive change to the world on a huge scale; new business start ups, self employed artists, or if you are  creatively blocked and looking to live your most magical life which opens the doors to lots of fantastic opportunities - or if you have been recommended and are curious about Empowerment coaching, call to book a trial session now, details below!

*Now also taking clients for Experiential Healing. Using The Sayer Method we will look at past trauma from before, after or during childhood to get to the root of the blocks that are holding you back subconsciously and find out where these programs we hold in our body and mind originated from.  


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