What is it worth to you to be living your most vibrant, fulfilled, purposeful life?

Clients are recommended to book a course as it is much more effective. The first session is called The Discovery Session where you explore your values, coaching terms and how the coaching relationship will move forward.

In the Discovery session, the Coaching relationship or 'alliance' is designed as well as what expectations are for both coach and client.

Initial 90 minute Discovery session £150 / $195 USD

Top Up Single 30 minute session £50 / $65 USD

On The Go Single 45 minute session £75 / $97 USD

Standard Single 60 minute session £120 / $150 USD

Value Block of 5 (1 hour) sessions £500 / $650 USD

Greater Value Block of 10 (1 hour) sessions £900 / $1169 USD


*NEW: Experiential healing (EH)  - 90 minutes - £120 / $150 USD

Using The Sayer Method we will look at past trauma from before, after or during childhood to get to the root of the blocks that are holding you back subconsciously and find out where these programs we hold in our body and mind originated from.

Please note you can also pay in euros, see exchange rate at the time of first payment.

Coaching is a massive investment in yourself. As is trauma work. Be prepared and willing to commit to the process, to yourself and to the coaching. In co active coaching, for the best results there needs to be a mutual feeling of respect and trust.


The best way to find out more is to schedule an initial 15 minute complimentary consultation, and see how you feel afterwards. Then if you think we are a good fit and you feel you could benefit from Confidence and Empowerment coaching, clients are sent an introductory email so it may give you more insight, as well as a questionnaire to fill out and a coaching contract.

Coaching can be very dynamic, inspirational and is more often than not, life changing. Be prepared to get familiar with your most Brilliant Self.  You will enjoy fun exercises in the sessions which will give both coach and client great tools to use in the future. 

Coaching can takes place in person depending on our location at the time, but most often by phone or Skype anywhere in the world.

Tel US: 1.415.328.7166


skype: maddiewober