Madeleine Wober was born and raised by Jewish parents in Scotland. Her career path has been extremely varied and unconventional . She professionally trained as an actress in New York City, fell into radio broadcasting and voice overs shortly afterwards; having previously qualified as a beauty therapist. 
Working for 15 years as a sales professional in various companies she is a certified professional co active life coach (CPCC) working with clients privately on a one to one; with corporate clients and also groups.
Life is her passion. Empowering others is her purpose. 

It was a conversation that occurred during a chance meeting with a Canadian life coach in 2006 while taking a break in Loch Lomond, Scotland that pointed her in the direction of life coaching. Broadcasting in local radio at the time there was a feeling that she needed to reach more people. Radio was one vehicle of communication to connect with people in order to uplift, encourage and inspire them to go after what they really wanted and to follow their heart.
Now based in London, living with her Soul Mate, she grew up in Glasgow but left at 18 to live and work in San Francisco. Travelling all over the world visiting Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, many parts of Europe , Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Israel, her curiosity and passion for life lead to exploring the world; seeing exotic places; discovering different skills and learning how to make right some very challenging relationships.
Becoming a life coach has been a journey of self discovery and given Madeleine a great appreciation and gratitude for life itself; a great follower of the law of attraction, she maintains a child like enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity while at the same time constantly evolving as the empowering woman that she was born to be. Its from this place that she challenges and supports her clients with an open heart and a level of deep listening that makes them feel seen and heard.
Challenges include: Anthony Robbins 'Date with Destiny' in Australia and walking over hot coals at his 'Unleash the power within' seminar in London. Bungee jumping in New Zealand and Skydiving in Australia despite a chronic fear of heights!

She writes poetry, loves taking photographs of nature and cultural scenes in different countries. She is a cancer survivor and follows the law of attraction as a way of living through conscious choice.

Madeleine will work with you to find what can empower you the most and hold up the mirror to you that will make you feel like and see that anything is possible for you. Seeing others feeling empowered and believing that they too can reach for the stars and live magically, that is the drive behind the coaching. 

That's all for now folks, now it's all about you! :)

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skype: maddiewober